On Vacation!

April 23, 2008 at 5:54 pm (conscious eating, vacation)

i haven’t forgotten about my blog!

I’m on vacation at my mother’s house, some 1,300 miles away from my own home. I’m having a wonderful time, visitng with Mom. We aren’t doing anything particularly festive; we are talking, cooking and eating. I’m getting to visit with Jane quite a bit, too, so that’s a rare treat.

My conscious eating is going better on some days than it is on other days. I have noticed that I’m pretty good about putting my fork or spoon down at most meals; it’s not even something I have to think about anymore. But my eating behavior is by no means “perfect”; I just keep telling myself that this is about process, not about perfection.  Anxious about a conversation I wanted/needed to have with my mother — and then anxious about the results of that conversation — I overate for a few days. But, even so, i ate consciously. I fully tasted everything that I ate and was fully aware that I was eating emotionally. It never occured to me to try tapping. I wish it had. Not so much so that I wouldn’t have eaten, but because I would have liked to have tried tapping away the anxiety.

One piece of great news: Last week when the McKenna site had the DVD set on sale, I ordered it. We’d just done our taxes, and we are getting a few dollars back. My husband and I talked about it and agreed that I could use the extra support. Besides, he bought a used Xbox!

I’ll be gone on vacation until the middle of May. I’ll try to check in again between now and then for a few more short posts.


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